Borderline Case: SIS’s Tox Town Adds US-Mexico Neighborhood

The National Library of Medicine’s Tox Town Web site has expanded to include the US-Mexico border region. That area shares many of the same environmental health concerns that can be found anywhere in the US, but also has unique concerns and issues because of its geography, level of economic development and lack of municipal services in some locations. Now, users can explore a typical border community, to learn about air pollution, workplace hazards, backyard trash burning and many other environmental concerns that may affect its residents’ health.

New locations to explore in the border scene include an auto shop, a tienda (corner store), a maquiladora (factory), stormwater and sewage systems, and tire piles. The US, Mexico, state, local and tribal governments are working together to promote better environmental health in the region through programs such as the US-Mexico Border Environmental Program, Border 2012.