October Declared National Medical Librarians Month

October was designated National Medical Librarians Month by the Medical Library Association (MLA). In addition to the many librarians serving on its staff, the National Library of Medicine also relies on the work of medical librarians associated with the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM), made up of more than 5,800 member organizations.

NLM Herb Garden Graces New Web Site

As lovely as ever since its opening in 1976 as part of NIH’s celebration of the US Bicentennial, the NLM herb garden can now be enjoyed via a new Web site showcasing the healing power of nature. Situated directly in front of the main library (Building 38), facing Rockville Pike, the garden is maintained by…

Drug Terminology Web Browser Updated

Thanks to a January update, the National Library of Medicine’s RxNav browser has been making it easier for physicians and pharmacists to facilitate electronic drug prescription and integration of drug information. The browser searches RxNorm, the NLM database housing the standard names of approximately 17,000 clinical drugs from multiple sources.