Science Students Gather for NLM Symposia in New York, Houston

In March, approximately 500 high school science students from the New York metropolitan area gathered at the New York University Medical School for a National Library of Medicine-sponsored Michael E. DeBakey Seminar in Medicine. Prior seminars, to inspire young people to consider careers in medicine, were conducted in Washington, DC and Chicago.

In December, a similarly sized group of Houston-area high school science students met at the Texas Medical Center’s Edwin Hornberger Conference Center in Houston for an NLM-sponsored DeBakey Seminar. They heard from top scientists and medical doctors in cardiac surgery and the organ and transplant fields, and witnessed demonstrations of the latest advances in research.

The series honors Michael E. DeBakey, MD, former NLM Board of Regents chair and internationally recognized physician and surgeon, acclaimed for his pioneering work in the field of cardiovascular surgery.