NLM Communications Director Robert Mehnert Retires

After more than 43 years of federal service, Bob Mehnert, the widely respected Director of the National Library of Medicine’s Office of Communications and Public Liaison (OCPL), retired in June.

In a career that paralleled the rise of the computer, Bob Mehnert adapted his considerable editorial and literary talents to promote and share the vast knowledge contained in NLM’s print and electronic holdings with what has become a global user group.

Mehnert came to the Library in 1965 and, after a stint in publishing, returned in 1971 to become Public Information Officer. He managed the press office of the world’s largest medical library until his retirement.

Among many achievements, he helped launch MedlinePlus in 1998, led publicity efforts on behalf of, NIHSeniorHealth, Genetics Home Reference and the Household Products Database, rich online resources that reflect the Library’s commitment to disseminate the biomedical knowledge of the world, not only to medical professionals but also to the public.