Bon Appetit! NIHSeniorHealth Site Adds Topic on Healthy Eating

Eating Well as You Get Older is the latest topic to be added to NIHSeniorHealth, the health and wellness Web site developed by the National Institute on Aging (NIA) and the NLM. This senior-friendly resource answers questions about how to eat as you get older, which foods are likely to be most healthy and which should be limited, and whether it is possible to eat well and stay within a healthy weight.

Although a balanced mix of healthy foods may help prevent heart disease, type 2 diabetes, bone loss, some kinds of cancer, and anemia, eating healthy is not always easy for older adults faced with the challenge of living on fixed incomes, changing appetites, slower metabolism, eating alone and relying on ready-to-eat meals.

Visitors will also find information about food labels, food safety, meal planning, food shopping, and ways to enhance their enjoyment of food.

NIHSeniorHealth features short, easy-to-read segments of information accessible in large-print type sizes, captioned videos, or an audio version. Additional topics coming soon to the site include Parkinson’s disease, complementary and alternative medicine, and leukemia.