Stacey Arnesen Named Head of SIS Disaster Information Center

Stacey ArnesenIn October, Stacey Arnesen was appointed Head, Office of Disaster Information Management Research Center, Division of Specialized Information Services (SIS). Since 2002, she had led the SIS Web team as Advisor for Special Projects, coordinating the Central American Network for Disaster Health Information with the Pan American Health Organization and the Regional Disaster Information Center in Costa Rica. During this period, she also was a member of the Bethesda Hospitals’ Emergency Preparedness Partnership.

Arnesen joined the NLM in 1986 as a MeSH indexer in the Bibliographic Services Division of Library Operations, and in 1987 joined SIS to coordinate the EMIC and DART databases. She has worked for HIV/AIDS information services and headed the TOXNET search team. She has a bachelor’s degree from Smith College, and an MS in neurobiology and behavior from Cornell University.