Presenting NLM in Focus

Dear Readers:

The National Library of Medicine’s newsletter is back! It’s got a new look and feel and a new name—NLM in Focus. We hope that you will enjoy this online publication. NLM in Focus will provide a behind-the-scenes look at this unique library and how its vast resources are used to improve public health and safety, and advance science and medicine.

The newsletter will feature articles about the people, programs and services of NLM, including leading-edge research projects, outreach efforts in the US and abroad, and fascinating collections. There are many worlds to explore.

Articles will be published immediately online. There are several ways to access NLM in Focus:

  • You can subscribe via the RSS feed symbol in the navigation bar to receive notification whenever new stories are posted.
  • You can bookmark the NLM in Focus URL.

NLM in Focus is a work in progress. We hope that you will read it and send us your own ideas and comments.

Wishing you good health and good news,

The NLM in Focus Team