New Look for NLM Technical Bulletin

There comes a time when even an old classic needs a new cover, or if online, a graphic redesign.  And so it was that in 2012 the long-standing, authoritative NLM Technical Bulletin underwent a design change that brings a fresh look to the venerable publication with content optimized and organized for online readability and access to the Web and social media.

Technical Bulletin Logo“It was time for a change,” says Mary Herron, Editor.  Mary serves along with her colleagues from the MEDLARS Management Section, Janet Zipser, Managing Editor and Content Coordinators, Frances Truong and Mary Ann Hantakas.
Readers will still find technical information and descriptions of new and existing NLM products and services, now displayed in five new sections on the redesigned homepage:

  • Articles:  New and useful in-depth information about NLM systems
  • In Brief: Short summaries on subjects that do not require in-depth explanation
  • Updated Web Resources: Links to updated Web sites relevant to searching NLM data
  • NLM News Announcements: Topics selected especially for NLM Technical Bulletin readers
  • Most Popular: The top three articles readers are accessing

The NLM Technical Bulletin also features several online indexes to assist readers in finding specific articles as well as a search function. Some 43 years after the launch of the NLM Technical Bulletin (then called MEDLARS/Network Technical Bulletin) the subject matter remains an intriguing mix of technical information aimed at a diverse audience of librarians, information specialists, and users of the NLM databases.

The influence and readership of the NLM Technical Bulletin continues to grow. In October 1971, approximately 100 MEDLARS code holders on the system received a mailed copy of the NLM Technical Bulletin. Today, the online NLM Technical Bulletin averages 25,000 page views per month.

Mary Herron and Janet Zipser have worked on the NLM Technical Bulletin since 1990 and agree that the emerging importance of access to online information is the biggest change they have seen.

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And, as before, published articles are not copyrighted and are freely reproducible.

By NLM in Focus writer Thomas Conuel