NLM Honored at Medical Library Association Meeting

MLA resolution presented to Dr. Lindberg

MLA President Dixie Jones, MLS, presents NLM Director Donald A.B. Lindberg, MD with a resolution honoring his 30 years of leadership.

NLM Director Donald A.B. Lindberg, MD, and NLM’s MedlinePlus Connect, received honors at the 2014 Medical Library Association meeting held mid-May in Chicago.

MLA President Dixie Jones presented Dr. Lindberg with a resolution commending his 30 years of outstanding leadership. The resolution noted that Dr. Lindberg’s appointment as director in 1984 brought a new era emphasizing computing in medicine and the training and championing of health sciences librarians. Dr. Lindberg has “furthered the mission and goals of the Medical Library Association to foster excellence in the professional practice and leadership of health sciences libraries information professionals in order to enhance the quality of health care education and research throughout the world.”

MedlinePlus Connect Honored at MLA

Stephanie Dennis, MLS, Head, Health Information Products Unit, accepts the Rogers Award on behalf of the MedlinePlus Connect team.

NLM’s health IT resource MedlinePlus Connect received the Thomson Reuters/Frank Bradway Rogers Information Advancement Award. The award recognizes “outstanding contributions for the application of technology to the delivery of health science information, to the science of information, or to the facilitation of the delivery of health science information.”

MedlinePlus Connect enables patients and health providers to access consumer health information through electronic health records, patient portals, or other health IT systems. The information comes from NLM’s consumer health Web site, MedlinePlus, which won the Rogers award in 2004. Frank Bradway Rogers, MD was a physician and librarian who directed NLM from 1949 to 1963.

MedlinePlus Connect was one of the many resources showcased at the NLM booth in the MLA exhibit hall. The 2014 NLM booth theater presentations are recorded, archived and noted below. This year’s presentations, along with prior year’s and other NLM training material, also can be viewed on NLM’s Distance Education Resources page.

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Information compiled by Shana Potash, NLM in Focus Editor