NCBI’s Bryant and Bolton Receive 2016 Herman Skolnik Award for PubChem

Stephen Bryant, PhD, and Evan Bolton, PhD, received the American Chemical Society (ACS) 2016 Herman Skolnik Award for their work in developing, maintaining, and expanding the National Center for Biotechnology Information’s (NCBI) PubChem database of chemical substances and their biological activities.

The award was presented at the Society’s national meeting in Philadelphia last month.

casual headshot of Dr. Bryant

Stephen Bryant, PhD

Thousands access PubChem’s millions of records every day

Introduced in 2004, PubChem includes more than 220 million chemical substance records for 90 million unique compounds. The database also contains biological screening results from more than 1.2 million bioassays for over 3.5 million tested substances. The information in PubChem is the result of collaborations with more than 250 academic and commercial organizations that have contributed their data.

PubChem is integrated with many other NCBI databases with links to related information, such as compounds with similar structures, protein sequences, and relevant journal articles. This extensive network of links provides users with opportunities for exploration and discovery. Each day, tens of thousands of researchers from university labs and pharmaceutical and biotech companies access PubChem.

casual headshot of Dr. Bolton

Evan Bolton, PhD

PubChem team presents at ACS meeting

The PubChem team and collaborators gave eight oral presentations at the ACS meeting to cover recent developments and updates in PubChem. The topics included practical issues in chemistry data sharing, chemical and hazard information in PubChem, and strategies to improve PubChem data quality and search effectiveness through data analysis.

Award recognizes “world-class resource”

The Herman Skolnik Award “recognizes outstanding contributions to and achievements in the theory and practice of chemical information science and related disciplines,” according to ACS. In its announcement of the award, ACS noted, “Under Bryant and Bolton’s leadership, the PubChem team has created a world-class resource for chemical and biological information. PubChem is the first major public database to connect cheminformatics to bioinformatics and thereby provide a unique information resource for pharmaceutical research.”

Congratulations, Drs. Bryant and Bolton!

By Janet Coleman, NCBI communication specialist