NLM Director’s Blog Debuts

Dr. Patti Brennan’s new blog launched yesterday, and we’re all invited to read—and comment—as she shares her experiences heading the world’s largest biomedical library, the US National Library of Medicine.

Headshot of Dr. Patti Brennan next to the blog title, NLM Musings from the MezzanineShe chose to call her new blog NLM Musings from the Mezzanine, which reflects the variety of postings we can expect and the location of her office at the National Library of Medicine.

In her initial post, Dr. Brennan reveals her first impressions of the Library and invites us to join her on this journey. In her second musing—already in the works—she’ll share how one of the great women thinkers in data science inspired her as she prepared two major speeches.

Dr. Brennan hopes her blog will serve as a conversation starter about NLM and what our customers and stakeholders would like to see us doing (or even not doing), particularly as the Library heads into its strategic planning cycle.

We hope you’ll be a part of the conversation.