Happy New Year! Seasons of Stories in 2016, Looking Ahead to 2017

2017 replaces 2016As we look back at 2016, we are proud to have shared stories about the people and products making a difference in scientific discovery and public health here at NLM.

Here are a few highlights:

Winter 2016
We posted stories about an NLM scientist coediting a book on providing health information to consumers, how NLM responded to a mysterious chemical that poisoned the Elk River in West Virginia, and the NLM Pill Challenge.

Spring 2016
We celebrated making our Genetics Home Reference easier to use; what makes NCBI hackathons so cool; Dr. Eugene Koonin’s selection to the National Academy of Sciences; Walter Cybulski’s career as a preservationist and poet; and the announcement of Dr. Patricia Flatley Brennan as the new director for NLM.

Summer 2016
We had a lot to say in summer as PubMed turned 20 years old, hundreds of local high school students rapped about science at NLM, and a new feature called “A Quick Q&A” debuted, helping us share a bit about what inspires and motivates staff members at NLM.

Fall 2016
In addition to reveling in the excitement of our new director, we posted stories about OSIRIS prolonging life, Dr. Brennan being officially sworn in, Dr. Kim Pruitt building a career on passion and persistence, and NLM reaching new audiences through AIDS programs, powwows, and even art.

As 2017 begins, NLM will continue bringing you stories about what makes the Library a unique and special place.

This winter, we look forward to profiling a scientist who has gone the distance geographically and scientifically, exploring what reference librarians do, getting to know what drives a few of our scientists in NCBI, and more.


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