What’s in? What’s out?

As a new year begins, NLM in Focus takes a light-hearted look back at 2017 and forward to 2018.

How’d we do with our predictions? What do you think will be in or out in the new year?

Comment below.

What’s IN for 2018 and OUT with 2017

IN for 2018

OUT with 2017

All of Us Me, myself, and I
Personalized medicine Standardized treatments
Empowered patients Passive patients
Patient communities Isolated patients
Lab test information on MedlinePlus Confusion about lab tests, such as the hemoglobin A1 test
Care between the care Limited health care encounters
The Good and the Bad—cholesterol (on MedlinePlus in English and Spanish). Less understanding about coronary artery disease
Citizen science Ivory towers
Data sharing Data hoarding
Biomedical literature + data Standalone literature
Data visualization Data tables
Datasets in PubMed Central Where can I upload my data?
Claims data for research Claims data for payment
Data on FHIR Data at rest
Interoperability Data silos
Communities of genes Genes in isolation
Preprints Waiting for publication
The Cloud Endless racks of servers
R Perl
Hackathons What the heck?!
Standardization Incompatibility
Pfishing (Beware!) Spam
New MeSH headings for academic success, popular culture, and more. Who are you kidding? MeSH terms never go out of style!
Musings from the Mezzanine Memos from the mezzanine
Space planning Solar eclipse
BioArt Bare walls
Collaboratories Conference rooms
MedlinePlus for all NIH Senior Health
Open science Closed minds
Strategic plan Planning meetings
One NLM Organizational silos

3 thoughts on “What’s in? What’s out?

  1. I appreciate the links to the articles on Open Science and Pre-prints – I hadn’t noticed them yet and they were good reads! Thank you for the nice year-end review.

  2. Hi Karen,
    We’re glad that you’re enjoying our IN/OUT list and that you found the links to be helpful. Thanks so much for posting.
    Kathryn McKay, editor

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