Improving Info on Women’s Health: National Network of Medical Librarians Wants Your Help

Graphic of a woman at a computer, the screen reads #citeNLM2018.Are you interested in improving health information for and about women on Wikipedia?

Your research skills can help make Wikipedia a better, evidence-based resource for people looking for information on women’s health.

Join the National Network of Libraries of Medicine on November 7 as medical librarians add citations to existing Wikipedia articles on women’s health using trusted National Library of Medicine resources like Genetics Home Reference, MedlinePlus, and PubMed.

In the 1960s and 1970s, the Women’s Health Movement began with the primary goal to improve health care for all women. “The Wikipedia edit-a-thon provides an opportunity to advance the work that began about 50 years ago,” said Amanda J. Wilson, head of NLM’s National Network Coordinating Office. Wilson’s office leads NLM’s National Network of Libraries of Medicine, a network of health science libraries and information centers across the nation.


The National Network hopes to make this event even more successful than its first edit-a-thon last April that focused on rare diseases.  To achieve this goal, they are inviting librarians and other health professionals to join the Wikipedia Help Team.

Date: Wednesday, November 7

Times: One hour shifts between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m., ET

Training: Learn how to be prepared by creating a Wikipedia account, editing articles on medical topics, and getting ready for the day. Training is available on these dates:

October 3, 2-2:30, pm, ET
Introduction to the NNLM Edit-a-thon and WikiProject Medicine
Hosted by Elaina Vitale (MAR) and Ann Glusker (PNR)

October 17, 2-2:30, pm, ET
Editing Wikipedia Articles
Hosted by Alicia Lillich (MCR) and Aimee Gogan (SEA)

October 31, 2-2:30, pm, ET
Women’s Health Resources 
Hosted by Karen Coghlan (NER) and Erin Latta (NDCO)

Please note: You must create a Wikipedia user account prior to the event to be able to participate. Participants are encouraged to register in order to receive a copy of the training recordings.

NNLM staff from across the nation will be available throughout the day on Wednesday, November 7 as citations are added. Follow along with the fun on Twitter, hashtag #citeNLM2018.

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