A Tradition of Gratitude: NLM Staff Express Thanks

NLM staff members mark the Thanksgiving holiday by answering the question, “Why are you thankful to be at NLM?”

casual headshot of Joshua Clowser

Joshua Clowser

I am thankful for working at a purposeful place with such a massive impact. The many resources of the National Library of Medicine continually surprise me and reach far beyond anything at most other organizations. It’s very impressive! NLM’s reach can be felt across the whole world and all of humanity.

The Library serves communities across the world and the diversity within its walls matches just that. I’m thankful for the world-class atmosphere and constant opportunities to learn about others, especially those different from myself.

Not only am I thankful for being at NLM, but I’m also thankful for being here at this point in time. It’s no secret that NLM is in the midst of an extraordinary amount of change in a brief period of time. It feels good to be part of something big, on the cusp of change, knowing that my hard work can make a real difference. I’m thankful for that sense of pride that fills me whenever I’m explaining this place to others. I appreciate and enjoy learning the rich history of NLM and its many resources. Finally, I appreciate getting to feel a bit lucky to call NLM my second home. Thank you, NLM! —Joshua Clowser

headshot of Jiwon Kim

Jiwon Kim

I am thankful to have the best job at NLM! I collaborate with creative and dedicated colleagues to connect diverse audiences with meaningful access to the Library’s treasures and evidence-based information. I value the opportunities to learn continuously and to use that knowledge in support of public health and the progress of medicine. —Jiwon Kim

headshot of Amy Powers

Amy Powers

I am thankful to be at NLM for the opportunity to explore new knowledge areas and meet great people. I am grateful that NLM took a chance on me as someone moving into a new area of their career. I am also grateful for the patience and friendliness that I have been shown at NLM. —Amy Powers

casual headshot of Frances Ford

Frances Ford

I’m thankful for the opportunity to work at NLM because I had always heard good things about the institute. This is my third institute on campus, and I have found the staff to be very friendly and dedicated to the Library. Compared to working at the Clinical Center, where everything was needed STAT, and at NCI, where I was very busy with committee management work, here it’s a more peaceful work environment. While at the CC, I was accustomed to using MedlinePlus, but after coming to NLM I’ve had a chance to see where MedlinePlus is formulated. I’ve been a federal employee for 29 years and here at the Library for two years. As I get ready to retire at the end of February, I wish I had started here earlier. —Frances Ford

casual headshot of Michael Honch

Michael Honch

I am thankful for my knowledgeable and generous colleagues who make the National Library of Medicine a great place to learn and grow—while helping others. NLM provides so many opportunities for us to combine our diverse skills and talents, as we work together to provide access to accurate health information for health professionals, patients, and the general public. —Michael Honch

headshot of Maureen Madden

Maureen Madden

I am thankful for my very rewarding career here at NLM, rooted in my amazing coworkers and in the exciting challenges of health data standards and terminologies that enable exchange of clinical information. I am so proud to be a part of this institution that offers such valuable and timely health information that the public can trust. —Maureen Madden

headshot of Robert E. Goodman

Robert E. Goodman

I am thankful to be at NLM to support NLM’s mission of providing current and historical health and biomedical information to scientists, health professionals, and the public in the United States and worldwide. I like to jokingly say that I might not ever be the doctor who “cures cancer,” but at least I’ll get to be the librarian who helps promote the cure. I am thankful to be a part of creating the “bleeding edge” data-driven information technology so important to 21st century health information literacy and access, as well as biomedical discovery. I am also thankful for my colleagues, who, besides being some of the smartest people I know, make it a pleasure to come to work every day. —Robert E. Goodman

Eddie Rivera

Eddie Rivera

I am thankful to be back at NIH. Joining the NLM team (after being away from NIH for nine years) restored my public service commitment to supporting the NIH mission. As the NLM Budget Officer, I find the day-to-day challenges very stimulating. I am thankful for my family and feel blessed to have my two boys in my life. They give me strength every day. —Eddie Rivera

casual headshot of Charmell Williams

Charmell Williams

I’m grateful to be at NLM because of the new experiences. I’ve been here for two years and 12 years at NIH. Each office does things a little differently, and I like the challenge. —Charmell Williams

headshot of Karen Steely

Karen Steely

I am grateful and privileged to be part of a team supporting researchers at the NLM. I am thankful for wonderful coworkers who make it a pleasure to come to work. —Karen Steely

headshot of Harold Lindmark

Harold Lindmark

I am grateful for all the NLM staff that I get to work with every day. They greet me with such warmth that it makes my job easier and that much more enjoyable. This atmosphere allows me to continue to serve the people as best as possible. A special thanks to the entire OAMAS staff who are incredible to work with. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! —Harold Lindmark

headshot of Krista Stracka

Krista Stracka

I am thankful to work at NLM because I get to work with a team that is so talented and supportive, and I am grateful each day for the opportunity to help others access such amazing collections. —Krista Stracka

headshot of Erika Mills

Erika Mills

As part of the Exhibition Program, I am thankful for the opportunity to help tell important stories that explore how history and culture inform and are shaped in part by biomedical science. —Erika Mills

headshot of Michael Simpson

Michael Simpson

I have always served and protected our country, first as a soldier for 22 years in the Army, secondly as the manager of the NLM data center for the past 15 years. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve our country. —Michael Simpson

casual headshot of Jerry Sheehan

Jerry Sheehan

Where else could I work with such an amazing group of dedicated people who commit themselves every day to improving access to health information and advancing research frontiers? Is there a nobler mission? —Jerry Sheehan

casual headshot of Patricia Flatley Brennan

Patricia Flatley Brennan

I am thankful for all of the NLM staff who go the extra effort for NLM and NIH initiatives, including our CFC workers and particularly Ivor D’Souza, who is on a special assignment with the NIH Office of the Chief Information Officer, leading efforts to prepare for the upcoming GAO audit of NIH’s compliance with federal information security requirements. —Patricia Flatley Brennan

What are you thankful for?

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