NLM’s 2019 In/Out List

"2019" written in chalk, with the drawing of a lightbulb replacing the zero in the numberWe made it! Another year is upon us, and with it, a sense of anticipation for what’s to come.

We’re not those who can just wait for time to tell its tale, however, so we’ve put on our prognosticator’s hat, peered into the future, and come up with our list of what’s in for the new year and what got left behind.

Of course, we know you’ve got your own ideas, so chime in below.

What’s OUT with 2018 and IN for 2019

OUT with 2018

IN for 2019

Data what? Data Science!
In the room where it happened In the Library Where It’s Happening: “The Politics of Yellow Fever in Alexander Hamilton’s America
Gender gaps in science NLM scientists being recognized for advancing the careers of women in computational science
Isolated data Data sets linked to PubMed articles
MedlinePlus Advisory Group NIH Consumer Health Content Community of Practice
Siloed information Town halls and open doors
Artificial intelligence in sci-fi movies Artificial intelligence in medicine
Incremental innovation Big, hairy audacious goals
Missed research opportunities New intramural investigators
Reviewing NLM’s intramural research programs Implementing Blue Ribbon Panel recommendations
One-off research findings Computational reproducibility
Data for data’s sake Data for health’s sake
German measles “Rashes to Research. Scientists and Parents Confront 1964 Rubella Epidemic” (Exhibition coming in June)
Old town New Tox Town website
Past generations Next-Gen PubMed
What the hack? NLM Hackathons
Big game hunting Computational virus hunting
Going it alone Wiki collaborations
Manual searches Programmatic PubMed queries using E-Utilities
What the heck? Hackathons
Having a blast only on weekends Having lgBLAST 1.12 every day of the year!
Unknown women physicians “Rise, Serve, Lead. America’s Women Physicians” (Exhibition coming in the fall)
Librarians stacking books Librarians supporting data science
Manpower Deleted from MeSH subheadings. (After all, it’s 2019.)
One size fits all medical care Moving precision medicine forward with All of Us and the National Network of Libraries of Medicine
Office of Health Information Programs Development Office of Strategic Initiatives
Intramural research in LHC and NCBI NLM’s Intramural Research Program
Requesting PGAP service to generate prokaryotic genome annotation after submitting to GenBank Generating PGAP prokaryotic genome annotation on your own and in the cloud before submitting to GenBank
Harassment at work “Harassment Does Not Work Here”
Organic data standards activities across NLM divisions Chief Health Data Standards Officer
Machine learning Neural networks, deep learning, and artificial intelligence
Multiple differing definitions of a single selected transcript per human protein-coding gene to use for reporting or experiment control set An internationally curated dataset of select human transcripts
Completing the strategic plan Implementing the strategic plan