The National Network of Libraries of Medicine Gears Up for 2019

The National Network of Libraries of Medicine thought 2018 was great. Well, 2019 is expected to be even better! Take a look at what’s ahead:

Engaging through All of Us

photos of nine individuals to represent the diverse body of volunteers for the All Of Us Research ProgramAll of Us is a nationwide program with the ambitious goal of enrolling one million or more diverse participants. As an All of Us partner, the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NNLM) develops activities and creates opportunities to provide health resources through public libraries. The NNLM All of Us Community Engagement Network funds outreach projects and develops programming to raise awareness about All of Us and improve health literacy.

The NNLM partnership has reached 16 states and more than 500 individuals through 150 Network-sponsored activities and events.

Last November, the Community Engagement Network launched the NNLM Reading Club to help libraries address health information needs through book clubs.

“We look forward to hearing about our members’ discussions in 2019,” said Amanda J. Wilson, head of NLM’s National Network Coordinating Office. Wilson’s office leads NLM’s National Network of Libraries of Medicine, a network of health science libraries and information centers across the nation. “Some members will also be hosting the All of Us Journey, which tours the country to encourage people to engage and participate in research.”

Equipping a Data-Ready Workforce of Librarians

numerous chart, tables, and graphs for visualizing data“The Network is doubling its efforts to prepare a data-ready workforce and improve the competency of information professionals in biomedical and health science data management,” said Wilson.

Since the NNLM Training Office launched the training program Biomedical & Health Research Data Management for Librarians in January 2018, there have been two cohorts. The program works to better equip health information professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to support research and deliver improved services to their institutions, communities, and colleagues.

Learn More Today

Look for the All of Us Journey in your area.

Apply for an NNLM Reading Club kit by April 30.

Watch a data management webinar.

Explore more data resources from NNLM.

Get ready to edit Wikipedia by creating your own account and reviewing training webinars.

“Librarians with research data management experience mentored those new to the area, and class cohorts evolved into communities of practice,” said Wilson.

NNLM RD3: Resources for Data-Driven Discovery supports their ongoing activities. In addition, videos from the 2018 research data management webinar series are available on YouTube. Topics range from Wikidata to data visualization and from library research data management services to teaching R for statistical computing.

In 2019, a new course debuts. Called “Beyond Research Data Management for Biomedical and Health Sciences Librarians,” this second-level course will cover advanced topics in research data management, including science communications and the role of data management in data sciences and open science. (The application period for this course closed January 4.)

Editing Wikipedia

a person types on a laptop on which is visible a page showing the Wikipedia "W" and the medical caduceus symbolThe world’s largest medical library continues to increase its presence on the world’s largest online encyclopedia. Through two national edit-a-thons last year, Network members helped improve available health information by editing Wikipedia articles related to rare diseases and women’s health. In total, participants made 1,441 edits to 315 articles, which, collectively, have been viewed over four million times. They also engaged with their peers and with NNLM staff on Twitter via the hashtag #CiteNLM2018.

“We loved seeing tweets from first-time Wikipedians and links to edited articles,” said Wilson. “We encourage librarians to create their Wikipedia accounts now and be ready to join us for the next edit-a-thon!”

The first Wikipedia #CiteNLM Edit-a-Thon of 2019, “Elevating Health Equity,” will be held this May during the Medical Library Association annual meeting.

Expanding Our Reach

Through these activities and more, the National Network of Libraries of Medicine is looking to expand our reach, enhance our impact, and entice more medical librarians to join our efforts to improve the public health and the public’s access to trusted, quality health information. If you aren’t already a member, consider joining. You’ll be glad you did!

By Stacy Brody, NLM Associate Fellow

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