Preparing the Next Generation of Leaders: From NLM Associate Fellow to Health Sciences Library Director

Meet other library leaders who were once NLM associate fellows: Kris Alpi, Lori E. Harris, Shannon Jones, Stephen Kiyoi, Anne Linton, Alison E. Rollins, Catherine B. Soehner, and Tanner Wray.

Mellanye Lackey | 2005-2006 Associate

formal headshot of Mellanye LackeyCurrent position

Health Sciences Library
University of Nevada-Las Vegas

When did you become director?

February 1, 2019

What was your career path that led to your current position?

  • Associate Fellow, NLM
  • Global Public Health Information Liaison, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Health Sciences Library
  • Associate Director of Education and Research, University of Utah Health Sciences Library
  • Director, University of Nevada, Las Vegas Health Sciences Library

What is your educational background? Or additional training?

  • BA, Mount Holyoke College
  • MSI, University of Michigan School of Information
  • Triangle Research Libraries Network Management Academy
  • Harvard University Leadership Institute for Academic Librarians
  • Association Academic Health Sciences Librarians Leadership Program

What are your top three priorities now?

  1. Growing the nascent UNLV Health Sciences Library.
  2. Completing the Association of Academic Health Sciences Libraries fellowship.
  3. Enjoying Las Vegas!

What did you learn as an Associate Fellow that you use in your position as director today?

So much! I have retained from my time as a fellow a big picture view of health sciences libraries and how they are connected to NLM. I also appreciate how the program introduced us to a wide variety of health sciences libraries and their directors.

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2 thoughts on “Preparing the Next Generation of Leaders: From NLM Associate Fellow to Health Sciences Library Director

  1. Impressive education, indeed. And some ignorant people might say that being a librarian is nothing special. Truly impressive range of knowledge.

  2. Thank you so much for commenting, Robert. We agree with you! Please keep reading NLM in Focus. Later this month we’ll be featuring NLM associate fellows from 10 years ago.

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