Preparing the Next Generation of Leaders: From NLM Associate Fellow to Health Sciences Library Director

Meet other library leaders who were once NLM associate fellows: Kris Alpi, Lori E. Harris, Shannon Jones, Stephen Kiyoi, Mellanye Lackey, Alison E. Rollins, Catherine B. Soehner, and Tanner Wray.

Anne Linton | 1982-1983 Associate

formal headshot of Anne LintonCurrent position

Himmelfarb Health Sciences Library
George Washington University

When did you become director?

1998. How time flies!

What was the career path that led to your current position?

I was lucky to find a job at the Library of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, a renowned research library and then an RML [Regional Medical Library]. I had wonderful mentors who started me on the path of medical librarianship. From there, I did a year as an NLM Associate, followed by stints at Georgetown University and then George Washington University.

What is your educational background? Or additional training?

MS from Drexel University and more recently, an MA in human and organizational learning from George Washington University.

What are your top three priorities now?

Keeping within a tight serials budget, planning for librarian support for research activities, and maintaining a high level of service excellence.

What did you learn as an Associate Fellow that you use in your position as director today?

I am not sure that I can point to any one thing. I gained a broad perspective on health sciences librarianship and on the national health and research scene, which has served me well. I also met interesting people who challenged my ideas and pushed my thinking forward in terms of the roles libraries can play. Many of these individuals have remained mentors and colleagues. So, I am very grateful for the wonderful network of health sciences librarians that I have today, which began at NLM and the College of Physicians.

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2 thoughts on “Preparing the Next Generation of Leaders: From NLM Associate Fellow to Health Sciences Library Director

  1. Impressive education, indeed. And some ignorant people might say that being a librarian is nothing special. Truly impressive range of knowledge.

  2. Thank you so much for commenting, Robert. We agree with you! Please keep reading NLM in Focus. Later this month we’ll be featuring NLM associate fellows from 10 years ago.

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