Delivering on a Commitment: The NIH Manuscript Submission Team

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Quick Q&A with Lisandro Gonzalez, Graham Andrews, and Eyitope Akinpelumi
Question Lisandro Gonzalez, Production Editor Graham Andrews, Production Editor Eyitope Akinpelumi, Production Editor
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What was your path to NLM? I went to art school to become an illustrator, but when that didn’t work out I found work in the academic publishing industry and discovered that I enjoyed the field. I decided to stick with it and worked for a small international publisher of data science for four years prior to coming to NLM. I went to library school after college. While I was getting my master’s, I interned at a museum working on creating a small digital records management system for them, and then I worked at a medical nonprofit. I worked as a service desk liaison at eRA NIH, and my knowledge of the NIHMS system and process led me to accept a position with NIHMS NCBI.
What excites you the most about processing manuscripts for public access? What excites me the most about processing manuscripts is that it makes me feel like I’m playing a key role in the public-access mission of NLM. I’m proud to be part of that mission of open access and dissemination of knowledge. What I like the most is that once we are done working, the information is just “out there” and anyone who needs to access it most likely will be able to. Also, I like that we are helping the public see the results of some of the research they help fund. What excites me the most is learning something new every day as I assist with the processing of manuscripts.
What do you like best about working on the NIHMS team? That we really are a team! We are a small but tight-knit group, and we couldn’t get the job done without relying on each other every day. I have excellent coworkers, and we all contribute to achieving the goals of our project. Having a great team that is always willing to teach and help each other.
What’s the most important thing you’ve learned since joining the NCBI? That working with a smart and diverse group of people makes a big difference in the quality of a workplace. I always knew that science was a collaborative effort, but I feel like my position gives me a good vantage point to see how much effort goes into producing the manuscripts that get processed by our system. How XML works.
If you weren’t doing what you’re doing now, what else might you be doing? I would be working either in a creative field or in a computer science discipline. The arts and computer science have always fascinated me in equal measure. Teaching myself an old programming language like COBOL or playing competitive Fortnite. Computer networking
Tell us something surprising about yourself. I do wood carving in my free time. I was a philosophy major, although when I tell people that in person, they usually aren’t surprised. I am naturally left-handed but also ambidextrous.

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