A New Plus on the NIH MedlinePlus Magazine Website

There’s a new “plus” on the NIH MedlinePlus magazine website.

Whether you read English or Spanish, you can now access every article.

Through feature articles, personal stories, infographics, and more, NIH MedlinePlus helps explain how NIH turns “discovery into health.”

On the website, celebrities share their health struggles and triumphs, everyday Americans talk about how they cope with illnesses, NIH scientists reveal their latest research, and charts and graphs give tips for better health. There are easy-to-navigate menus, social media sharing, and a mobile-friendly design that works on any screen you use.

The site currently features Emmy Award-winning journalist Norah O’Donnell discussing her melanoma diagnosis, as well as articles on ways to move better, research highlights, sleep apnea, and more. Health content is added on a regular basis.

Check it out!

side by side excerpts of articles about sleep apnea, one in English, the other in Spanish

Toggle between the English and Spanish versions of an article with just the click of a button.


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