“Dancing with the Stars” and NFL Champion Rashad Jennings Shares How He Tackled Asthma in NIH MedlinePlus Magazine

Just posted in NIH MedlinePlus magazine, “Dancing with the Stars” champion and football player Rashad Jennings shares his personal experience with asthma and talks about the importance of research. You can also learn more about asthma and the future of monitoring asthma.

The Fall 2017 issue also features—

Cover of Fall 2017 issue of MedlinePlus magazine with Rashad Jennings

  • Celiac Disease—Read stories of how one couple lives a gluten-free life, how researchers explore this mystery disease, and tips for living gluten-free.
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD—Find out about NIH’s National COPD Action Plan and how one man was too stubborn to give in to this disease.
  • Hearing Loss—Learn the latest news about this common condition that affects millions of Americans.

From asthma to Zika, NIH MedlinePlus gives readers news they can use that is reviewed by some of the nation’s top physicians and researchers. This quarterly publication of NIH and the Friends of the National Library of Medicine helps explain how NIH turns “discovery into health.”

Check out the magazine’s new look and subscribe to NIH MedlinePlus. It’s free!


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