NLM staff answer the question: Why are you thankful to be at NLM?

casual headshot of Siobhan Champ-Blackwell

Siobhan Champ-Blackwell

Everyone begins their career at the National Library of Medicine the same way—hand over heart speaking out loud the Oath of Office. It reminds each of us that we are serving our country and that our work is sacred and important. I am thankful to be part of an organization that is founded on service and improving the lives of the people we serve. —Siobhan Champ-Blackwell

headshot of Jennifer Marill

Jennifer Marill

I am thankful to have spent a large part of my career serving the US public, including almost 17 years at NLM in a variety of positions. I find the work here stimulating and fulfilling. NLM serves the nation’s libraries, clinicians and researchers advancing medical care, and individuals facing difficult health care situations. In the past six months, my family has experienced multiple emergency room visits and hospitalizations. Throughout this time, I have been thankful for the reliable health information NLM produces. My family’s health is now fine, but it left me with the following thoughts. I think some of NLM’s key challenges are to better integrate this health information as well as bring it to others who don’t even know it exists. In this next year, I look forward to engaging our strategic planning efforts in tackling these challenges. —Jennifer L. Marill

casual headshot of Jane Ye

Jane Ye

I am thankful for the opportunities to grow and expand my knowledge and skills. I am thankful that I have been able to work with many wonderful people over the years. I am thankful for having a beautiful and safe setting in which to work each day. These really make my days at NLM bright! —Jane Ye

headshot of George Franklin

George Franklin

Wow! My whole career has been at the Library. I started working here in 1967 back in the card catalog days. Working at NLM has been and continues to be a great experience. I’m so thankful. —George Franklin

headshot of Crystal Smith

Crystal Smith

I’m thankful to be part of NLM where the resources and services are abundant. It gives me great satisfaction when I’m sharing and demonstrating NLM products and services. I find it rewarding to see how amazed and grateful visitors are when I’m showing them the extensive collections the Library holds. The positive feedback is priceless. That alone makes me appreciative to work at NLM. However, I must say I’m also thankful for my NLM colleagues. Each of us is committed to fulfilling NLM’s mission, and each of us does so with enthusiasm. —Crystal Smith

headshot of Dwight Mowery

Dwight Mowery

I am thankful to Dr. Milton Corn and Dr. Donald Lindberg for the opportunity they gave me 22 years ago to work in grants management for NLM. I have enjoyed the close ties within NLM and am happy that I can contribute, in a small way, to advancing biomedical informatics and bioinformatics through the support of extramural grants and agreements. NLM’s mission is so important to medical research and public health that I feel blessed to work for such an outstanding organization. —Dwight Mowery

casual headshot of Sameer Antani

Sameer Antani

I am thankful for the opportunities provided at NLM toward advancing the role of computational science and engineering to aid the life science, educational, and clinical medicine communities. I am also grateful for the colleagues who are all dedicated to the mission of the Library and provide a friendly and supportive work environment. Finally, I am thankful for the unyielding support of senior staff in enabling the above and for their recognition of my efforts. —Sameer Antani

casual headshot of Mabel Mendez

Mabel Mendez

I am thankful to be at NLM because I help the public and researchers find answers to their health and medical research questions every day. —Mabel Mendez

four women eating lunch together

Genetics Home Reference Team

I’m thankful to be at NLM because I have the opportunity to work with a fantastic team! These folks make it a pleasure to come to work every day. They are motivated, creative, and fun to be around. Together, we’re able to create a health information resource the public can depend on. —Stephanie Morrison

Photo (left to right): Stephanie Morrison, Heather Collins, Sherri Calvo, and Kate Greenberg. The Genetics Home Reference content team enjoying Thanksgiving lunch in the Lister Hill Center cafeteria.

headshot of Kevin Fain

Kevin Fain

I am thankful to be at NLM because of the meaningful opportunities to support biomedical research and advance scientific knowledge through the services we provide. Our efforts to strengthen the dissemination and transparency of medical research are particularly important to me. I truly appreciate working with my colleagues here on projects that I believe are making a difference for the public’s health. —Kevin Fain

casual headshot of Alicia Ross

Alicia Ross

I am thankful to be at NLM because I am part of a widely respected, renowned, and forward-moving biomedical library. Being part of a team whose mission impacts the lives of many different types of people, from researchers to the DNA of every individual, is a great honor for which I am thankful as well. I value being a part of the Extramural Programs division within the National Library of Medicine and supporting its research mission. Lastly, I appreciate that NLM affords me cultural diversity, health and wellness, job exploration, and work-life balance. —Alicia Ross

headshot of Meghan Marcantonio Gunsallus

Meghan Gunsallus

I’m thankful to be able to help people at NLM with getting their travel approved. I know that sharing what we do is important, and I am thankful I am able to help people do that. I don’t travel for my job, so I’m thankful to be able to go places when I’m on leave. —Meghan Marcantonio Gunsallus

headshot of Ben Busby

Ben Busby

I am thankful to work at NLM because I get to work with incredible people who amaze me with both their achievements and kindness. —Ben Busby


Conor and Patti Brennan

Dr. Brennan and her son, Conor

I am thankful to be at NLM because it lets me join my talents with those of the 1,700 women and men who work here to improve health through information. —Patricia Flatley Brennan

casual headshot of Alvin Stockdale

Alvin Stockdale

I am thankful for my awesome coworkers who are always happy to help me out at a moment’s notice. —Alvin Stockdale

What are you thankful for?

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  1. I want to thank my former Branch Chief and Supervisor Mr. Bruno M. Vasta and the former Director of NLM Dr. Donald Lindberg for their confidence in my accomplishments over the past 30 years. I started out here at NLM and find the work I do interesting and benefits our nation and patrons.

  2. I am thankful to work with such a diverse NLM staff who bring together many different talents — librarianship, informatics, medicine, science, administration, and more — to make the world a better place through improved access to biomedical and health information.

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