Holiday Singing with the National Library of Medicine

Back by popular demand, “Data, Data, Data” sung to the tune of “The Dreidel Song.”

dreidel showing the Hebrew letters for "D" and "A"

Data, Data, Data

to tune of “The Dreidel Song”

O data, data, data,
What knowledge will you yield?
O data, data, data,
So big in every field!

O data, data, data,
You come from every source.
We spin and crunch and analyze
To find new things, of course!

O data, data, data,
We lift this song to you.
We know you are inanimate,
Yet you’re our partner, too.

O data, data, data,
The strategic plan agrees.
To discovery and public health
You hold so many keys!

Be sure to keep reading NLM in Focus this month. We’ll be posting “Real Talk with NLM Director Dr. Patricia Flatley Brennan,” a photo montage of artwork at NLM by artists whose work can be seen at the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden and the Kennedy Center, for example, and another holiday song—NLM style. In January, look for a lighthearted view of what’s in and what’s out for 2019 and find out why—to borrow a phrase from the award-winning musical Hamilton—the Library is the room where it happened.

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